About CapeCod Beach Chalet

IMG_5545CAPECOD CHALET is a newly renovated wooden beach chalet situated on the 1940’s beach site known as the Humberston Fitties, meaning salt Marsh land. Originally the “Fitties” was a soldier’s camp in the Second World War and over the years the area has evolved into one of the most popular family destinations on the East Coast.

All the Chalets are different and rather fascinating… some are made of wood, others brick, some are painted, some are plain wood, old or new there is a certain charm and old fashioned camaraderie about the place, where you can relive your childhood seaside memories.

CAPECOD CHALET is situated only 100 yards from the fabulous sandy beach, with views over the sea and the intriguing First World War Haile Sand Fort, which guarded the Humber Estuary from attack.Directly across the estuary is Spurn Point a well known nature reserve. The Fitties itself is also a nature and conservation area. This is the ideal spot for families wanting a traditional seaside holiday in the UK, people who love nature, beaches, bird spotting, horse riding, kite and wind surfing, fishing, painting or just couples wanting to get away from it all for a few days! CAPECOD needs people who will take care of her and enjoy this special find on the Lincolnshire coast.